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Report: Women Lie Better Than Men

By malan     Mar 2, 2008 in Lifestyle
A new book claims it can be proven that women lie "more cleverly and successfully than men" about everything from cheating to shopping binges as part of a survival technique to get what they want. And the book is written by a woman.
The book's ("Little White Lies, Deep Dark Secrets: The Truth About Why Women Lie,") author Susan Shapiro Barash points to a recent Rockland County woman who appeared on the Fox reality show "Moment of Truth" where contestants are strapped to lie detectors and asked to answer extremely personal questions in an attempt to win money.
The NY Post reports that Barash says that what happened on that show helps prove her point. The contestant, Lauren Cleri, a 26-year-old woman admitted on air that she'd cheated on her ex-boyfriend but then failed the lie detector and lost $200,000 when she answered yes to the question "do you believe you're a good person."
"It supports my thesis that women are talented at lying - but perhaps not enough to pass a lie-detector test," Barash said.
In her book, Barash interviews 500 women from across the nation who responded to her classified ads seeking women who wanted to confide what they lie about. Below are some statistics found in her study.
* 75 percent lie about how much money they spend.
For instance, they sneak purchases inside their homes after shopping or hide the price tags.
* 50 percent harbor "mixed feelings about mothering."
One told Barash, "I look at these children and I crave sleep and free time. They wear me out and make me jealous of working women who have no children, no husbands."
* More than 60 percent cheated on their husbands.
A 32-year-old mother conducted her trysts while telling her trusting husband she was working late. Even in asking for a divorce, she withheld the truth: "I didn't say I had fallen for another man. He was better off with my lies."
Some of the women said they lied to cover up childhood issues like abuse, drinking gambling, porn and incest. More than 80 per cent said they believed in "beneficial lying," like telling their children they never smoked pot or drank in their own childhood.
The study showed that urban women like to use the "competitive lie," where you lie about money and plastic surgery, or the status of your husband's job and children's accomplishments in school.
While Barash claims she is telling the truth, she is also a woman. So does her own study not show that she too may be lying?
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