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article imageObama Says He Is Progressive & Conservative In Terms of Economy

By Can Tran     Feb 28, 2008 in Politics
CBS News blogger Maria Gavrilovic posts in her “From The Road” blog from Austin, Texas as she follows the campaign trail of US Democratic presidential hopeful and frontrunner Barack Obama.
In Texas in preparation for the March 4 contests, US Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama would present himself as both a progressive and a conservative in regards to the United States economy. This was an attempt to brush away criticisms that Obama was too liberal. Last year, Obama was voted the most liberal in the United States Senate.
Obama would address the issue at a town hall meeting.
I am a progressive, but I always tell people that if you’re progressive, you should be fiscally even more conservative than the so-called conservatives and the reason is that because there are a lot of needs that need to be met,” Obama explained at the town hall meeting which is set to address the economy. He adds: “We have to prioritize, particularly our capital spending, in a more intelligent way.”
Obama said that he supports business and entrepreneurship. However, he gave the argument that there needs to be a tax code that is more fair. He also adds that Bush’s tax cuts need to be repealed.
In that regard, Obama would take the chance to throw a jab at US GOP frontrunner John McCain. Recently, the two of them had clashed over the issue on Iraq.
Obama said that McCain’s promise of making the tax cuts permanent embraces the core principle of the economic program by current US President George W. Bush.
In regards to the current tax cuts, Obama gave the suggestion that they should be brought back to where they were back in the 1990s under the George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton presidencies. Obama said that this was a time where it was a time of prosperity.
“I would argue that most rich people were doing pretty good in the ‘90’s,” Obama said in that regard. He would add: “They were rich then and they will still be rich after I am president.”
One supporter said that while he may have benefited from the tax cuts by Bush, he said he would support Obama regardless.
“I may have benefited from the Bush tax cuts, but we love you anyway,” the supporter said to Obama.
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