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Obama Accuser Larry Sinclair Fails Polygraph Test

By Pamela Jean     Feb 26, 2008 in Politics
Larry Sinclair's claims of having had oral sex with Barack Obama while they smoked crack in the back of a limousine have been proven to be false. At least that is according to the results posted by, which paid Larry $10,000 to be tested. was first to break the story of Larry Sinclair. In an article posted earlier this month we heard the sordid tale told by the self professed homosexual Minnesota man. He claimed that in 1999 he met Barack Obama in a Chicago nightclub. He stated they left together in his limousine and Larry proceeded to perform oral sex and smoke crack cocaine with Obama, eventually ending up together in Larry's hotel room for more fun and frolic.
Following Larry's posting of 3 self made video's to, offered Mr. Sinclair $10,000 to corroborate his story by taking a polygraph test. If he passed the test he would be paid an additional $100,000.
What ensued was alot of preparatory work, negotiations and set up. Larry decided that he wanted to see most of the $10,000 payout to go to charity, with his keeping only a few grand to pay off some outstanding debts of his mothers. That agreed upon, the next step was for Larry to pass a drug test, which he did on February 22nd.
Larry Sinclair wants to change the payout of our polygraph challenge and we've agreed. When he passes the test, he wants only enough money to pay off some outstanding debt of his mother's for to get the exclusive rights to the video and the results of the Polygraph.
He also wants $10,000 paid out to a couple of Minnesota charities: the Duluth Salvation Army Housing Loan Program and the Girls and Boys Club of Duluth.
What followed were 4 "grueling" hours of questioning. The polygraph was conducted by Dr. Ed Gelb, Former President of the American Polygraph Association. Dr Gelb has performed well over 30,000 tests over his years in the business. Mr. Sinclair was given two separate tests. The first dealt with the sexual allegations, and the second dealt with the drug accusations.
As a result of the first day of testing it was determined that Mr. Sinclair was being deceptive in his answers. The test results were then sent to a second expert for another opinion, and that expert felt, as well, that there was evidence of deception on the part of Mr. Sinclair.
Mr. Sinclair had passed his drug screen so there were no drugs in his system which could have interfered with the test. asked Mr. Sinclair on several occasions to put them in contact with the limousine driver that he named for other news organizations earlier, and for them on Friday, that was supposed to corroborate his story. He has still not put them in contact with the limousine driver whom he told he stays in constant contact with.
For all intent and purpose this story has come to it's conclusion. The frightening thing for the people at, as posted on their website today, is the fact that they have received monumental amounts of hate mail and e-mail messages from Larry Sinclair supporters accusing them of taking a bribe to suppress the story and/or alter the test results. They reiterated that they have no affiliation with any political candidate and are deeply disturbed by the reaction of the public to this story. They have made it clear that they will no longer address the Sinclair story and are through as of today ever discussing the events again.
We are no longer going to post anything else on Larry Sinclair Matter
2/26/2008 2:35 PM
After the events of yesterday and this morning we will no longer be posting the video of the Polygraph testing or the secondary Polygrapher Expert’s results. To be accused of taking a bribe to suppress this story along with all of the hate mail and messages sent by Larry Sinclair supporters who believe we did something to taint the results has been very disturbing.
No matter what we put up it will never be good enough for his supporters. Mr. Sinclair was also given every opportunity to let us talk to the limousine driver to corroborate his story and he failed to do so. This will be the last post on this matter as this matter needs to be put to bed. We will be going back to regular reporting.
Needless to say, Larry is happy. Mom got her bills paid and Larry got his "15 minutes of fame".
Now it seems has made the same polygraph challenge to Vicky Iseman, the woman recently accused of having an affair with Senator John McCain. We will pay her to take a Polygraph test. $10,000 to be exact, just for taking the test, regardless of the result. She gets the money, we get to make a video of the whole thing and it's a deal.
And if Ms. Iseman happens to pass the test and it shows she did not have the alleged relationship with Senator McCain or the other items alleged in the New York Times article we'll give her ten times that amount: $100,000. We'll even pay for her airfare and two nights in a hotel.
Wonder if she'll take the bait?
What a world.
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