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Raise Your Hand if You Care About Obama in a Turban

By ajzeller1979     Feb 25, 2008 in Politics
This is kind of stupid, but I am publishing this because I kind of feel like politicians have once again stepped over the line of sensible bashing. It is one thing to attack character, but to play on people like this is just stupid.
So somebody leaked a photo of Barack Obama wearing a traditional turban while spending time in Kenya. Nobody from the Clinton camp is owning up to this stupid release, but really, this is clown shoes. Obama visited Kenya, and donned traditional Kenyan clothing.
I don't know who released this, be it the Clinton camp or Obama, but really, what is the purpose? To the party that released this photo, if you had negative intentions in mind when you released this photo, you are a jackass. Playing on Middle Eastern xenophobia is pathetic. Honestly, this is a sad ploy, no matter which side released this photo. Stick to the policies kids.
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