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Man admits having sex with the corpse

By Chris V. Thangham     Feb 20, 2008 in Crime
A man accused of murdering a model admits in court he had sex with a corpse. He said he was high on drugs and drinking, and didn’t realize she was lying dead in a pool of blood.
This is an update to Planet Janet's story here. Mark Dixie is accused of murdering 18-year-old model Sally Anne Bowman in September 2005.
He denies he murdered her, and instead says he had sex with her corpse and didn’t realize she was dead until later. He said he was high on drugs and alcohol at the time.
Dixie said he stumbled upon Bowman’s body lying between a van and the pedestrian walkway near his street. Before that, he was on a binge, smoking and drinking heavily. Once he saw her body, he had sex with her.
He told the jury:I took full advantage of someone and I shouldn't have…I thought she had passed out through drink or fallen over."
He said he didn’t notice the pool of blood around her body until after it was over. He panicked and ran away. He smoked cannabis to calm him down and went outside again for more drinking.
The prosecutor, Brian Altman, however thinks he is making up stories. Altman says he murdered her for his own sexual gratification and is now lying to escape reprimand.
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