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article imageMohamed al Fayed: Prince Philip is a Nazi

By Michelle Duffy     Feb 18, 2008 in World
In the Strand today, the Old Bailey has heard Mr al Fayed speak in the dock as he claims that Prince Philip and Tony Blair conspired to the crash which killed Dodi and Diana as well as their driver, Henri Paul.
The multimillionaire also pointed the finger at MI5, MI6 and the British Ambassador and claimed that they were all involved in the crash which he claims was murder.
As the BBC reports, he told the court today:" I knew Prince Philip and Prince Charles were trying to get rid of her".
Despite evidence to suggest that Diana was not pregnant at the time of the accident in Paris in 1997, Mr al Fayed still insists that she was expecting his grandchild and that it is just another fact that has been covered up since the crash.
He also believes that the ambulance crew who took Diana to hospital after the crash were also working for British Security.
As the BBC reports, he claims he also knew that the couple were engaged: "I am the only person they told."
Acting as QC at the Old Bailey for the inquest, Ian Burnett, told Mr al Fayed to confirm his allegations to which he replied, that he still believed that both Dodi and Diana were killed as a result of a plot devised by Prince Charles, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. He has also said that he believes that the British Ambassador for France, Sir Michael Jay and Diana's brother in law, Sir Robert Fellows were also involved.
He said that they were killed off so Prince Charles could marry his true love, Camilla.
These claims may seem a little wayward to most, but he says he has proof that they were probably killed. He told the court how he knew about the contents of a short letter written by Diana's divorce lawyer, Lord Mishcon in which he airs concerns about his client's future. He had even described why he felt that her life was in danger. This also mentioned a possible plot to kill her in a car crash.
The letter exchanged hands via her former butler, Paul Burrell and the coroner. A similar note was highlighted by the English tabloid, The Daily Mirror in October of 2003.
As the BBC reports, Mt al Fayed also shocked the court when he said that Prince Philip is a Nazi saying: "...It's time to send him back to Germany from where he comes. You want to know his original name - it ends with Frankenstein."
(I always thought he was from Greece.)
It appears that there has been more speculation surrounding the crash which killed the Princess of Wales than any other inquiry in human history, yet one can't help but feel sorry for the Harrods boss as it has taken nearly 11 years for his case to come only this far - yet he still resorts to what the rest of us would describe as 'name calling.'
Mr al Fayed spoke of his bitter concerns over how even this inquest has been dictated.
He felt it important that he should also tell the court about a box which was given to him by the Princess of Wales, which on her strict instructions, should only be made public in the event of her death. It was here that he pointed the finger at her butler, Paul Burrell, whom she once described as "her rock," labelling him as untrustworthy, putting the contents of this wooden box in danger.
Mr al Fayed as also claimed that he knew of blood samples which were supposed to he of the driver, Henri Paul, who was also killed in the crash, were not actually his.
From photographers being blamed as the actual murderer to cut outs out of newspapers, we wonder when Mr Al Fayed will get over this tragic accident, which may be indeed, just that. I wonder if this poor man will ever rest and if this inquest does come to no formal conclusion - which I do believe is possible - will he ever be able to accept that. After all, he broke down in court today, according the BBC.
He is, a father who has had to do the very worst thing a parent can do - bury a child. We just hope he finds peace eventually.
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