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China Bans Scary Movie Content

By Debra Myers     Feb 16, 2008 in World
China is continuing it's crackdown of offending content that might cast anything negative on adolescents receptive mental health, by banning all things that are scary in video and audio content. All of this, of course, is an effort to impress the world.
Gone will be "wronged spirits and violent ghosts, monsters, demons, and other inhuman portrayals", as well as any kind of storytelling that evokes fear. Producers will have to go through their tapes and report any that would be classified as "horror".
These new regulations are an effort to "control and cleanse the negative effect these items have on society", and prevent all violent, cruel and horror publications from being marketed to China's adolescents.
It seems that China is attempting to clean up and control what is and has been available on most street corners. This, coming before the Beijing Olympics in August, is being seen as a coming-out party for the rising political and economic power.
This new ban comes "just weeks after Beijing clamped down on 'vulgar' video and audio content, slapped restrictions on Internet sites and handed down a two-year film-making ban to the team behind the steamy 'Lost in Beijing'."
If China really wants the world to perceive them differently, this just isn't the way to do it. The more they take away from their own people, the more their people, specifically adolescents, are going to rebel.
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