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article imageA New Direction for the Clinton Campaign

By Carolyn E. Price     Feb 13, 2008 in Politics
Just days after Billary's campaign manager, deputy campaign manager and two longtime online staffers exited via stage left, her campaign released a new commercial in Wisconsin that appears to be veering toward the negative.
Last Sunday, hours after Senator Barack Obama swept the rug out from underneath Senator Hillary Clinton by winning all four states that were up for grabs, Hillary's Campaign Manager Patti Solis Doyle announced via e-mail that she was stepping aside, to be replaced by a longtime Clinton aide Maggie Williams. Solis Doyle said:"I have been proud to manage this campaign and prouder still to call Hillary my friend for more than 16 years. Maggie is a remarkable person and I am confident that she will do a fabulous job." Solis Doyle said that she will continue to advise Clinton and her campaign, and from time to time will also travel with Hillary.
Just two days later, Hillary's Deputy Campaign Manager, Mike Henry, announced that he too was stepping down. Henry had been recruited by Solis Doyle to join Team Hillary last year.
Henry is being described as being the campaign's main field architect. You may recall that he was the one who urged Hillary not to compete in the Iowa caucus because it was, as he called it "our consistently weakest state". What made it particularly embarrassing for the Clinton campaign was that at the time, she was intent on starting to build up her organization in Iowa. Henry's memo turned out to be rather prophetic, because as we all know, she ended up finishing in third place behind Obama and John Edwards.
Which brings us to today. The Clinton campaign announced that two of their longtime online operation leaders have also moved on. Internet Director for the Clinton campaign Peter Daou is quoted by the Washington Post:As part of the expansion of our Internet department following a tremendously successful month online, we will be adding 4 new staffers, two of whom will replace Kevin Thurman and Crystal Patterson, who moved on to new positions. Kevin and Crystal have been valued members of our team and we are grateful to them for their contribution to the campaign.Crystal Patterson used to work for Senator Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, who earlier this year seemingly bitch slapped Mrs. Clinton by endorsing her rival (who shall henceforth be known as the "last man standing") Senator Barack Obama.
So, after both campaigns flooded Texas yesterday with radio and television ads primarily in Spanish, the newest television commercial for the Clinton campaign was unveiled in Wisconsin. In the 30 second spot, the announcer says: Both Democratic candidates have been invited to a televised Wisconsin debate. Hillary Clinton has said yes. Barack Obama hasn't. Maybe he'd prefer to give speeches than have to answer questions.
Like why Hillary Clinton has the only health care plan that covers every American, and the only economic plan that freezes foreclosures. Wisconsin deserves to hear both candidates debate the issues that matter. And that's…not debatable.
David Axelrod, Barack's Campaign Manager, responded to the ad by saying: We've debated 18 times, we're going to debate two more, but we've got other business to do here in terms of meeting voters face to face.All this after Bill Clinton appears to be disregarding the party faithful's request to tone it down and start acting a bit less of the butinsky, take control husband and a bit more, well, Presidential. This from the Huffington Post: ..."You have to decide what this election is about," Clinton told a room of 600 students, his voice hoarse from making four campaign speeches a day earlier in the District and Maryland. "You have to decide what makes the best president. You want someone with the right vision, the right plans and ability to get the job done. If that's the test, I don't think the question is close." Outside of those traits, "all the rest is smoke and mirrors," Clinton said in reference to his wife's more charismatic rival.
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