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A Handshake Is Worth A Year Behind Bars If You're An Attorney

By Michelle Duffy     Feb 11, 2008 in World
Two lawyers go head to head, or should that be "hand to hand", after one has brought charges against the other for over vigorously shaking the other's hand. The prosecution says that the arm was almost shaken out of it's socket
A lawyer in the state of Florida is to prosecute the wife of a man whom she had already sent down that day. The female attorney is to sue the wife of the convicted drug supplier for shaking her hand too hard at a court case hearing in Fort Lauderdale.
Kathy Brewer Rentas, 49, has been charged with assault after she shook the hand of Jennifer Keene, the assistant US Attorney so hard that her arm was almost dislocated, according to a court official.
The husband of fellow attorney, Mrs Rentas, Anthony was charged with "violating the terms of his probation order" when he was arrested on supplying cocaine. He was found guilty and Ms, for the prosecution bench successfully sentenced him to 90 days house arrest.
Mrs Rentas was so overjoyed at the outcome of the case, that she went over to shake the hand of Ms Keene. She was so enthusiastic that she shook her hand too hard. Ms Keene almost fell to the floor in pain after such a vigorous hand shake.
Speaking to reporters, a court official said,
"With Keene in hand, Brewer made an upward, then a quick downward motion and pulled Keene toward the ground moving her forward, almost causing Keene to fall to the ground."
According to the US Attorney's Office, it was for sure that Mrs Rentas will be prosecuted herself with the same vigor as her handshake.
Both ladies being women of the court room should have been more careful. Alicia Valle, who spoke on behalf of the Attorney Office said,
"As a member of the bar, she should know better."
It would appear that Ms Keene intends to come down on Mrs Rentas pretty hard since the accused has already spent a night in solitary and has been ordered to complete a physical examination. Mrs Rentas walked out of the police cell last Friday after coughing up bail to the tune of $100,000.
At her own court hearing, she could face a year behind bars if she is convicted.
Mrs Rentas has already said there was no reason for her to cause harm, she only wanted to shake the hand of the person who had sent her husband away.
At least she knows what to expect from the prosecution bench....
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