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Op-Ed: How Does Blood Soaking the Soil Ever Become Just?

By KJ Mullins     Feb 9, 2008 in World
Is war ever just? Does coating the ground in red "save" souls? Do the victors ever really win in the end? If you win does that make your God, beliefs, nation, etc. better? Or does it just mean you have better guns?
My mailbox gets timely messages on the "evils" of religious beliefs (gosh, there sure are a lot of those theories out there) and the reasons why wars should be fought on a daily basis. It's the us or them mentality of life.
Today I received one about religion. Pictures of hatred, using "God" as the reason littered the letter. I am an agnostic. It's not a secret. This mailing only intensified one thought inside of me, religion is one of the greatest causes of war and civil unrest. In my mind that would put it in the "evil" side of things. But if religion was eliminated from the picture would war also be a thing of the past?
Even when a war begins without religion as the start elements of the religious beliefs between the "contenders" filter in. The war in Iraq is an example.
Let's think about this concept for a minute before wanting to claim that this is a religious bashing article.
War has always been part of the world picture. The bigger kids with the most toys always wants more and have no problems taking those "toys" with force. How many times have those toys been people who believe differently? Almost every organized religion that is practiced by the masses is rooted in violence. Even the teachings of religions that are today considered non violent and peaceful have bloody pasts.
Is there ever a just reason to kill masses of people? Can there honestly be a just war?
I know many believe that force can change the world. I look around and I have to wonder what positive changes force has given us. Has it made neighbours of men? Has it bridged the gaps between the rich and the poor? Looking around again, I see it isn't so.
"Holy War"
"Just War"
"collateral damage"
"sign of God"
Somehow the blood of humans coating the Earth can't be holy. It can't be justified. It is barbaric. It is animistic.
You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one
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