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Man Found Living With A Corpse On His Sofa For Over Five Years

By Michelle Duffy     Feb 8, 2008 in World
Police have found the body of a man in a flat where a tenant has been living. It is thought that the tenant was aware of the body which has been suggested it was there for at least five years. The living tenant had a history of mental health problems
It may have been prevented if the living tenant had been receiving the mental health treatment he has desperately needed because for the rest of us, living with a corpse for more than five minutes would have been more than enough to bare, but how about for more than five years?
A group of residents who live in the block of flats in Bristol, in the west of England, complained to the local council of the most unimaginable smell which appeared to be coming from one of the flats in the block. It was then that council workers went in to the property and discovered the corpse rotting away on the sofa.
The man, who is thought to have been in his 70's when he died, had been the lodger of the tenant, who had failed to report the death. It is suggested that the living tenant has severe mental problems which is why he never reported the dead man.
The death, which police were originally treating as suspicious, are still expected to carry out an investigation as to why the body was able to go so long with out being noticed. This is also going to be looked into by the local council in Bristol City.
Speaking to BBC News, a spokesperson said,
"We were alerted to the body after we received reports of a smell. We are shocked and concerned by this discovery and are carrying out an urgent internal review of the circumstances of the tenant. A police investigation is ongoing, and it would be inappropriate to comment further while this is taking place."
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