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Baby tossed 300 feet by twister found alive

By Owen Weldon     Feb 8, 2008 in World
A firefighter in Tennessee was looking for survivors in a wreckage due to the tornado and made a discovery. He found a baby that was thrown a hundred yards alive with only minor injuries.
Firefighter David Harmon decided that he was going to search one last time for survivors in a wreckage that was caused by a tornado.
Harmon was armed with only a flashlight and as he was searching he came across what he thought was a doll but after he shined the flashlight he discovered that it was a baby.
The baby was in the middle of a field covered with debris and mud. Harmon said that when he rolled the baby over it took a gasp of air and started to cry.
The eleven-month-old baby was thrown a hundred yards when a tornado wrecked his home killing his mother.
It's a miracle that the baby was found because the area was already searched once before and rescuers found nothing. They decided to search again after they sorted through debris and found a baby stroller.
It is sad that a lot of people died during this event but this is really a miracle that the young baby was found.
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