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The story of Corpse Wood Manor

By docsangel31701     Feb 7, 2008 in Crime
December 12, 1982 was an eventful night for 17-year-old Kenneth Brock and 30-year-old Tony West. The events of this night would haunt them for the rest of their lives along with the residents of Summerville, Georgia.
Kenneth Avery Brock and Tony West made a decision one December night that would change the rest of their lives. Corpse Wood Manor was a place where Brock had made several hunting trips to and this was where he met Dr. Charles Scudder. Brock and Scudder has even been reported to have been involved "romanticly" on several occassions.
Brock told West about two "devil-worshipers" and described the home that these two shared as an "erotic castle." They started talking about how wealthy Dr Scudder was and that he was living with his, now, life partner, Joseph Odem and how they were living it up. West then started organizing a plan to ransack Corpse Wood Manor several weeks before this crime took place. Five days before the murders took place, Brock returned to Corpse Wood to check out the place and see what the best route would be to get there and carry out the plan. Brock asked Scudder if he could come inside the Manor and Scudder would not allow him in. After this encounter...the plan went into effect.
On Sunday, December 12, 1982, Joseph Odem was preparing dinner like he always did. After Odem and Scudder ate, Brock, West and Teresa Hudgins were all greeted by scudder after they arrived with wine. Scudder bummed a cigarette for Odem who was in the kitchen cleaning up.
The wine was taken to the Pink Room (which is where all of the sexual encounters took place). Scudder, Avery and Brock were sitting on a matress in one corner and Joey and Teresa were in another corner. After about 20 minutes, Brock went for more wine and Wells told Brock that they had enough. Brock returned to the room with a rifle that he had in his truck. Scudder noticed the rifle and said "Bang bang." Brock laughed before sitting back down.
When Scudder stood up to adjust the lantern, Brock stood up and with the knife that he had in his boot, held it against the professor's throat. This is where it all went horrible bad. Brock then threw Scudder face down and started cutting up the sheet to tie him up with. Brock kept asking Scudder where the money was and he responded that he didn't have any. Teresa Hudgins started getting scared and started asking Brock not to hurt anyone.
After tieing and gaging Scudder, Brock went to the kitchen where Odem was still cleaning up and told him to get the dogs and come outside with him. That is when Odem noticed Brock standing there. Then Brock shot him. The bullets hit Odem in the head and the shoulder and he fell. Brock stepped near the body and shot off a couple of more rounds off in him and the dogs.
Brock went back to the Pink Room and told everyone that they could go now. He stated that he killed the man and the dogs. When they entered the kitchen with Scudder, he moaned when he saw Odem's body laying there.
West took Scudder into the library, took off his gag and demanded money from him while threatening him with a soldering iron. Scudder told him that he didn't have any money and that there was no electricity so he knew that he didn't have a soldering iron. Scudder stood up and made his way to Odem's body and West told him to sit down or he would be next.
Scudder kept moving so West fired a bullet into Scudder's face. He continued mumbling as he attempted to stand when West fired a second round off into his face. When Scudder fell back down, West shot him three more times in the head and told his friends, "Now by God, Tell me I don't have the guts to kill somebody."
West made Brock search the house for valuables but the only thing that they found was a few dimes and nickles. Everything that Scudder and Odem had was bought with checks. They never used cash.
These men were killed in cold blood because someone thought that they could get some money from them. This is proof that there are some sick individuals out there that will do anything for money.
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