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article imageMinnesota's 'Candidate For Change', Transexual Chrissy Nakonsky

By Pamela Jean     Jan 31, 2008 in Politics
Chrissy is running for the MN Legislature, and in doing so, is the first transsexual person to seek office in the state. She, together with her wife and 4 children reside in a trailer home in Brainerd. She says poverty and education are tops on her list.
While there are about 400 openly gay or lesbian elected officials in the United States, none is a transgender person, according to the Washington-based Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund.
Chrissy Nakonsky wants to change all that. A native of Washington state, she moved to Minnesota 10 years ago to be closer to her brother. She says she had always known since childhood that he was really a she. Until about 4 years ago, Chrissy was known as Jeff, a man.
Married seven years to her wife Jennifer, Chrissy says she was merely "pretending" to be a man when they fathered their 3 children together - those aged 6, 5,and 3. Their son, aged 10, is having a more difficult time adjusting to dad becoming mom, but Chrissy is confident he will be fine with it.
Jennifer Nakonsky said, "It's been a learning experience, but I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, either as a man or a woman. Our marriage is strong."
She takes hormone therapy and dresses as a woman. She is currently unemployed, leaving her job as a stocker and cashier because management insisted she wear clothes of the masculine gender. She has since filed a complaint with the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.
The family currently lives on public assistance and reside in a cramped mobile home in the town of Brainerd. Jennifer is a stay at home mom. Chrissy dreams of having a sex change operation, but the cost involved is just too high for her right now.
Chrissy has voted Republican all of her life, and is hopeful that her transgender will not be a deterrent in her winning the seat on the Minnesota Legislature.
"As someone who is poor myself, I can put a face on poverty in the Legislature," she said. "And I don't see why all these school superintendents and other administrators should be making six-figure salaries. I think some of that money should be reallocated to benefit the students more."
I'm sorry, but I don't trust myself to comment on this story without laughing. Can he/she really be serious?
Though, in light of some of the folks running for higher offices than this in this country, I suppose the answer to that question would be "You bet!"
“If people vote for or against me, it should be because of my values,” Chrissy Nakonsky said.
I could really care less about her sexual identity. I'm more concerned with the fact that she has no knowledge or experience to bring to the legislature. Somehow living on public assistance and being unable to afford a sex change operation don't fit with the attributes I look for in my appointed government representatives. Quitting your job because your employer won't let you wear a dress to work, and then letting the government support you, your 4 kids and your "stay at home wife" just doesn't cut it in my book.
Good Luck Chrissy. I think you're going to need it.
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