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article imageLuxim lightbulb with radio waves technology is brighter than LED

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 30, 2008 in Technology
Luxim has a created a light bulb that produces light with radio wave technology. It lasts longer, burns brighter and is more energy efficient compared to other lamps in the market including LEDs. Luxim will develop these bulbs in the next 12 months.
Luxim is a Sunnyvale, Calif., based startup that initially produced these lamps to power projectors for plasma televisions made by Panasonic and other companies. Now it wants to venture into the housing market and for general and specialty lighting purposes. According to VentureBeat, it has received $21 million dollars in additional funding, so these products may be a reality soon.
The video shows how Luxim lightbulbs work for a projection television. In projection TV, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps are often the first to fail, so replacing them becomes a costly affair. Also, there are many parts inside the HID lamps which also fail. Luxim wants to solve this problem by getting rid of the parts.
In traditional HID lamps, high voltage pulses pass between two electrodes. The energy creates plasma from the ambient gases trapped inside the bulb and you get light. The electrodes, however, degrade over time. Tungsten splatters off of them and blackens the surface of the bulb.
Luxim LiFi Lamp. Photo courtesy
The Luxim LiFi lamp doesn’t have any electrodes; a radio frequency amplifier pumps radio waves to an antenna inside a resonant cavity. The interaction between the waves and the crystal cavity convert trapped gases into a plasma. It creates a concentrated electric field in response to the standing radio waves, according to Julian Carey, vice president of sales for Luxim.
How bright is Luxim LiFi Lamp?
HIDs provide 90 lumens per watt, while top-end LEDs get 70 lumens per watt. LiFi lamps provide 120 lumens per watt. In experiments, researchers have demonstrated these Luxim lamps to produce up to 144 lumens per watt.
Luxim has already courted well-known investors such as Crosslink Capital and Sequoia Capital, so this additional funding of $21 million will help them in a big way.
In a press release Dr. Hafidi, Staff Scientist at Luxim, talks about these lamps:
they enable energy efficient and space saving fixtures for high light output applications like street, event and architectural lighting. The efficiency benefit in fixture design alone could be as much as 15-20% for outdoor applications.”
In summary, the Luxim LiFi light bulbs are environmentally friendly, long-lasting, compact, energy efficient. Once commercialized, they will be of immense use to the public.
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