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A Motive for Mass Murder Revealed

By Sheba     Jan 30, 2008 in World
Wanted man Rondell “Fineman” Rawlins contacted Kaieteur News, a local newspaper saying he wanted his wife back or he will create history. Rawlins is the alleged mastermind behind the Lusignan, Guyana massacre that occurred on Saturday, January 26, 200
Rawlins contacted the publisher of the newspaper, Glenn Lall, and Editor-in-Chief Adam Harris yesterday afternoon saying he was going to give authorities a few days longer to hand over his missing wife, Tenisha Morgan, 19 and her baby. For reasons known only to the killer, he believes his wife was kidnapped by the police however there is no evidence that indicates that she was even kidnapped. However Rawlins is convinced otherwise.
Naming three persons whom he is adamant know about the whereabouts of his “woman”, the caller was convinced that his “wife” did not just decide to go off on her own, but was kidnapped.
“Rawlins” claimed that he had been with her for four years, and had his wife decided to leave, she would have called him. “She would have avoided this slaughter; she would not have allowed me to bring this heat on myself.”
Rondell “Fineman” Rawlins. Photo courtesy of Kaieteur News
Rondell “Fineman” Rawlins. Photo courtesy of Kaieteur News
The pregnant woman was last seen on January 18, 2008, when she allegedly entered a taxi to go to a relative's house after a visit to a private hospital for what she believed were labour pains. She never made it to the relative's home. A missing person's report was filed but she has not been found.
Rawlins claimed that he searched everywhere for her, from hospitals to Suriname and Barbados where she has relatives, but his searched turned up nothing. he is convinced that his “wife” had been kidnapped.
However, the Joint Services issued a statement on Sunday, denying that Morgan is in their custody.
The Joint Services said it wished “to categorically state that neither the Guyana Defence Force, the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Prison Service, nor the Guyana Fire Service has Tenisha Morgan of Friendship/Buxton, ECD, in their possession.”
The statement added that persons who suggested that the Joint Services were in possession of Morgan were “being extremely mischievous.”
Meanwhile Rawlins has promised to shed more blood if his wife is not returned to him. He claims she was kidnapped as retribution because he was implicated in the murder of former Minister of Agriculture Satyadeow Sawh. He denies killing the minister.
Shazam Mohamed  22  victim of slaying laid to rest. Photo courtesy of Kaieteur News
Shazam Mohamed, 22, victim of slaying laid to rest. Photo courtesy of Kaieteur News
Burying the dead
Shazam Mohamed, 22, an accountant who worked at a local civil engineering company, was laid to rest today. He was described as a very humble person by those whom he worked with. Two viewings were held, one at the decease's family residence and a second viewing at a public venue where mourners could come to pay their last respects. The government was also represented here by Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds. Members of one opposition party AFC (Alliance For Change) were also present.
AFC leader Trotman said that maybe the time has come for God to intervene and root out the evil that is stalking Guyana.
“Not the evil that is manifested only in the barbarians who came through this street, and those cowards, yes, but the evil that has afflicted this country for decades; the evil that allows one group to go against another; the evil that allows one set of people to feel that they can take the lives of another, the lives of children,” Trotman stated.
A public funeral. Photo courtesy of Kaieteur News
A public funeral. Photo courtesy of Kaieteur News
While the President of the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana, Fazil Feroze urged mourners not to allow what happened on Saturday and in the past to divide the nation.
“Let us raise our voices but do so in a peaceful manner, do it in a purposeful manner, do it in a manner in which we can get results - not to cause inconvenience and destruction to others in our community; not to fan the flames of racial disunity in our country,” Feroze said, adding that this will be exactly playing into the hands of those who want to cause problems in Guyana.
This situation can go one of two ways, either better or worse. While the killer is threatening more mayhem others are calling for peace and proactive solutions. Which will it be? Only time will tell and perhaps we will not have to wait very long to find out. In the mean time there are ten more funerals to endure, including those of the children...
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