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article imageHookers For Jesus Are On A Mission

By KJ Mullins     Jan 28, 2008 in World
Former sex workers are trying to save the souls of those who walk the street for money. "Hookers for Jesus" and "JC’s Girls" are two groups walking the streets for a new reason in Sin City.
These born again Christians don't look the part of soul saviours with their tight T-shirts stretched across their surgically enhanced breasts. Their shirts though state their mission with messages such as "Holy Hotties" and "Hookers" above the symbol of the fish.
They are a new type of missionary reaching out to those who are in a trade they understand very well. Just a few years ago they were in the same high heeled shoes out to make a buck laying on their backs.
"The girls can relate to who we are and how we look in a way that they can’t with some of the typical frumpy Christians who come here," said Ms Lobert, 40. "We don’t preach to them and we’re not judgmental. We tell them that God loves them, even if they are hookers or strippers or porn stars. We offer help and advice - we do whatever we can for them."
They are gathering in Vegas to work their message through the casinos while another convention is in town, the annual international gathering of the porn industry. Both Annie Lobert, a $500-a-day escort girl, and Heather Veitch, a highly-remunerated stripperwere there to chat up the stars and hand out cards detailing a new way of life.
They do have some success this time around. One is Stephanie who now goes to church and works as a front desk receptionist at a Vegas hotel instead of turning tricks.
The pair know that some mock them and men pose for photos with them without understanding their mission until they search on the Internet about the sayings on their shirts.
"A lot of guys pose for photos with us and when they go home and look up what’s on our T-shirts, they learn what we’re about. We call it booby-trapping," explained Ms Lobert cheerfully.
This pair doesn't mind the jokes about "porn-again Christians" as long as their true message comes through. They are on a mission and the sex filled streets of Vegas is their beat.
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