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Man Without Health Insurance Almost Dies Consuming Baking Soda

By malan     Jan 28, 2008 in Health
An elderly man without health insurance decides to use home remedy to cure his stomach problems related to an ulcer and began eating baking soda to help ease the pain. The home remedy almost killed him.
After slipping and falling on a child's toy the man could not get up. Paramedics took him to a local hospital in New Jersey. On the way to the hospital they noticed that he was having trouble breathing and was picking at his side for some reason.
In the ER they realized he was completely incoherent, underweight, looked awful and did not know what year it was. reports that at first they thought he must have hit his head during the fall and ran a battery of test but could find no signs of head injury. They did notice that the pH balance of his blood was very high.
Shortly after the tests the man became agitated and ripped off his heart monitor and i.v. Doctors gave him tranquilizers to calm him down and as they took effect the man's breathing failed.
The staff intubated him and brought him back to stable. His niece was at the hospital and doctors quizzed her on what could be the matter.
She told them that she had found several empty boxes of baking soda in his home and explained that he had no health insurance and had been eating the baking soda to deal with severe indigestion.
With this knowledge the doctors were able to stabilize his condition. Within six days of the hospital visit the man was again breathing on his own. Soon after that the hospital released him and gave him a prescription for proper ulcer medication.
A medical report was written that discusses the importance of finding out if a patient has been using any home remedies for their illnesses. Knowing this in advance can help doctors save lives.
I just think it's sad that this elderly man had to resort to eating baking soda because he could not afford a medical prescription. This is one story out of a million that happened to make the news. How long will American's die due to lack of health insurance?
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