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article imageOp-Ed: Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled, There Is A Cure For Liberalism

By Mark L Harvey     Jan 28, 2008 in Politics
Relax, liberals across the globe. There is a break-through and we have the technology required to at least begin the long journey to a possible cure. We all know that liberalism is a mental disorder and has been known to create hatred.
C. MacLeod Fuller of The [b]American Thinker[/b] has initiated a process that is very similar to the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. As in AA, there is a side-group called Alanon and that is for folks that are related to those that are members of AA...friends and family members of alcoholics can join up and as the alcoholic begins the long journey to recovery, so can the friends and relatives learn to deal with "the new person".
The new program for folks needing to recover from the Liberal Pathology will be called LibAnon. At the end of this piece, the 13 Steps of LibAnon will be presented. But first...
Can a liberal manage to recover? That all depends. I would think that the first step to recovery would be to rid oneself of the guilt that caused one to become a pathological liberal from the start. Alas, I have been shown that that is not the first step.
I couldn't help but to consider the [b]following[/b] from a fellow human (hopefully) after I learned of LibAnon...
In 1968, when Kennedy was gaining momentum and piling up primary victories it looked as though he would win the presidential nomination. But before he could be safely ensconced inside "the bubble" of 24-hour federal protection he was assassinated. And his progressive challenge to the war in Vietnam and to poverty at home was stopped in its tracks.
In 2008, Obama is gaining momentum, and hopefully people inside his organization are cognizant of the fact that he constitutes a very real threat to the likes of Blackwater, Dyncorps, Halliburton, and the hundreds of other private companies currently profiteering from the Iraq occupation.
OOPS...the socialism is oozing from that one...damn Capitalist pigs! If one were to read the entire piece at the Huffington Post, penned by none other than Joseph A. Palermo, a well-known socialist, all doubt would be removed what the man is as compared to what he pretends to be. He was referring to Bobby Kennedy but some verbiage in the comments section said something about JFK but those ignorant comments have since been removed for the obvious reasons.
A term I tuned into in this piece was the term "progressive". Sorry, Joe...Bobby wasn't a progressive, at least not in the sense that the modern day liberal so uses the term. Liberal as a term or label, became anathema at one point in our history and it was abandoned for "progressive" to give the impression that the "liberal" was forward thinking whereas the "conservative" mind set was a backwards way of thinking. Gee, I wonder why "conservatives" didn't feel the need to "change our name".
Naturally, the opposite is true. The modern day "progressive" is nothing more than the way long ago socialist and everyone knows - well, at least those with a half-aware mind - that socialism fails miserably wherever it rears its ugly head.
I wonder what Joe is "profiteering" in. Alas, that is another topic for another time...unless, naturally, it is OK for Joe to "profit" from something but no one else that disagrees with him can...kind of "digressive" there.
It seems that Joe has a historical lapse in knowledge and is confused about a few things, whether it be purposeful or just doesn't seems that the motives which inspired Sirhan Sirhan's assassination of Kennedy in 1968 escape old Joe and a reminder is in order for the poor lad.
Sirhan believed he was betrayed because of America's support of Israel in the 6-Day war (something a modern day liberal would not do. Also, Sirhan was rather upset with America over the creation of the Nation State of Israel 20 years before. It had nothing to do with Bobby being a liberal or conservative, democrat or republican. Joe is lost.
At any rate, Joe, there is a little history for you to ponder.
The next diatribe Joe The Liberal saunters off into is the following:
"Under an Obama Administration Blackwater would no doubt be cut down to size along with Bush's other crony capitalist entities."
Typical socialist/"progressive" nonsense. That exact mind-set got this nation into deep trouble under the military-slice-and-dice Clinton Administration. No thanks, liberal Joe...we tried that a few times...Clinton-Carter and it turned into a major CF.
This is where LibAnon comes into play here. It is an excellent program and it should be mandated. I am positive that the paranoid delusions of the modern day liberal hiding as cowards behind "progressive" can be repaired. The delusions such as Karl Rove and the TNG memos, the Bush Administration or an entity thereof orchestrated 91101, hurricane Katrina was allowed and quite possible steered towards New Orleans because Bush hates blacks, the coronation King George Bush is about to transpire any day now, can be resolved with LibAnon. The delusional list of the paranoid and guilt-ridden modern day liberal is seemingly endless...they go on and on, ad vomitous.
I've long figured liberalism was a mental disorder. Now researchers have discovered tantrums may be a sure sign of it.
Considering the left has had one long tantrum since George W. Bush was elected, this may offer definitive proof.
Jamie Wearing Fool goes on comparing the modern day liberal and temper tantrums in children...amazing science there. An article at Real Clear Politics, now owned in large part by Time, ran an article wondering if being an American Democrat is bad for their health. Perhaps this is why the 13 Steps of LibAnon was borne?
That staunch bastion of "progressivism" - ahem - The New Republic (interesting turn of the phrase there):
“In describing their atheism as illiberal, I do not mean to imply that the new atheists are closet totalitarians. On the contrary, all of them understand themselves to be contributing to the defense of freedom against its most potent enemies, at home and abroad. Yet the fact remains that the atheism of Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, and Hitchens is a brutally intolerant, proselytizing faith, out to rack up conversions. Consider, for example, the sloppiness displayed by all of the authors in discussing their political aims. Do they seek to defend the secular politics favored by the American Constitutional framers? Or do they have the much more radical goal of producing a secular society–a society in which the American people, as a whole and individually, have abandoned religion? The former is a liberal goal, the latter an illiberal one; and it is inexcusable that each book leaves readers guessing which objective its author favors…
The last thing America needs is a war of attrition between two mutually exclusive, absolute systems of belief. Yet this is precisely what the new atheists appear to crave. The task for the rest of us–committed to neither dogmatic faith nor dogmatic doubt–is to make certain that combatants on both sides of the theological divide fail to get their destructive way. And thereby to ensure that liberalism prevails.”
It has been said that liberalism/progressivism/socialism is a religion all in and of itself. Is it any wonder why they so fear atheism and the religious? Just a thought.
1. WE admit we are not powerless over liberalism, but nevertheless, that we have allowed it to make a mockery of our cities, our schools, our universities, our borders, our foreign policy, and our daily lives.
2. WE have finally, belatedly, and bearing well-deserved shame, come to understand and know that a Power incalculably greater than ourselves can restore us to spiritual and moral sanity.
3. WE made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as He is rather than as we would have Him be for our convenience and self-esteem.
4. WE made a searching and (hopefully) fearless spiritual, moral, cultural, fiscal, and political inventory of our liberal, progressive, and/or socialist, opinions, views, selves and associations.
5. WE admitted to ourselves, to another as-yet-unrepentant liberal, our parents, a pollster, and a voting booth the exact nature of our previous wrongs, as well as the lack of either factual bases or reality to have supported much less committed them.
6. WE are entirely ready to have all these defects of character removed. Permanently.
7. WE humbly pray for the removal of our shortcomings and "good intentions" before they result in America's burial somewhere along the road to either a world-rendering nuclear "oops" or perdition.
8. WE made a list of all persons we had harmed with our kooky opinions, views, and acts by looking up everyone we ever knew in the telephone books for every city in which we ever resided and became willing to make amends to them all. Somehow.
9. WE made political and societal amends to Conservatives whenever and wherever possible, except when to do so would cause injury to anyone other than ourselves.
10. WE continued to take personal inventory of our liberal tendencies and when they are exposed promptly admit it, and symbolize that admission by making a generous contribution to the G.O.P. or a Conservative political action committee.
11. WE sought through hard work and dedication to improve our conscious contact with Conservative principles as reflected in Biblical teaching and Western Civilization, and prayed for the strength and ability to constructively carry them out.
12. Having experienced a political awakening of conscience, reality, and responsibility for this and future generations as the result of these Steps, WE evangelize the Conservative message to Liberals, progressives, academicians, and anti-American activists of every stripe wherever we can find them, and practice these principles in all our affairs.
13. Having experienced all of the above, WE vote only for true Conservative Republicans in every election, and plaster our automobiles with the biggest support stickers we can get as a visible outward sign of our inward moral regeneration.
If you have questions or wish to obtain further information about the program nearest you, please contact your local LibAnon chapter. Each LibAnon chapter has but one purpose - to carry its message of redemption to the Liberal who still suffers. The only requirement for LibAnon membership is the desire to stop being one. Call today.
Please, enlist, er, uh, I mean enroll today!
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