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article imageMassacre in Guyana Leaves 11 Dead

By Sheba     Jan 27, 2008 in Crime
Not since the Jonestown Massacre at Matthew's Ridge has this country seen this kind of carnage though rife with racial tensions between Blacks and East Indians and 'kick down the door' attacks by Blacks against Indians...
Early Friday morning about 2 a.m. the peaceful rest of the citizens of Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, Guyana was shattered by bullets exploding from rifles and shot guns in the hands of heartless cowards who kicked down doors to five residents simultaneously killing men, women and children at random.
A mother and 4yr old son. Below sleeping boy. All photos courtesy of Kaieteur News
A mother and 4yr old son. Below sleeping boy. All photos courtesy of Kaieteur News
They had no beef with any of the residents, other than that they were hapless, helpless, unarmed victims. Their motive was not to rob or rape, even though they demanded money and jewelry. They shot at whim, killing sleeping children and women in their beds.
In 15 minutes of terror, the gunmen, who numbered about 20, all armed with rifles and shotguns, massacred their victims, including an entire family comprising a mother and her two sleeping children, in a 15-minute ordeal that has left almost the entire East Coast Demerara in shock.
These are hardened criminals who have killed before and never been caught or brought to justice. The spent shells left at the scenes of the crimes tell a sordid tale.
The Police Ballistic Laboratory has since matched some of the spent the shells found at Lusignan as follows: Five 5.56 shells matched 5.56 shells found at the scene of Drakes's murder in Agricola. The thirty five 7.62 x 39 spent shells matched eighteen shells found at the scene of Minister Satyadeow Sawh's murder, the murder of the MMC security guards at Two Brothers gas station, Brumell and Scott at Agricola and the attack at Canal No. Two in 2007.
In other words, shells found at the scenes matched that found at, at least six other murder scenes across the country, one of them a party Minister visiting from Canada. Those murders have obviously never been solved, the killer or killers are still at large.
Fiery blockade in protest. Photo courtesy of Kaieteur News.
Fiery blockade in protest. Photo courtesy of Kaieteur News.
Angry residents took to the streets to show their disapproval of the current government and the total lack of police protection. The police force which comprises mostly of Blacks do nothing while these acts are in progress as the criminals are also Blacks and their victims Indians. Too, the criminals have more sophisticated weapons than the police and so even they are afraid of the killers.
Residents were upset at the slow police response. They said that the police refused to answer several telephone calls even as the massacre was in progress. This was brought to the attention of Acting Police Commissioner Henry Greene, who visited the area early yesterday morning and promised a full investigation into the conduct of his ranks.
Small comfort for a people already scared out of their wits and too little too late for those already dead.
Meanwhile, During a press conference hosted early yesterday morning, President Jagdeo said that only ‘sick, demented cowards’ can kill defenceless children. He noted that execution was clearly the motive of the attack.
“It could not have been robbery because these families are poor. it was intended to spread terror on the East Coast and in our country, but we cannot allow this to succeed,” the President said.
He added that he knows that there is ‘tremendous’ amount of fear on the East Coast Demerara and that, “We need to alleviate this fear that these communities are experiencing.”
The Head of State said that he met with the security forces early yesterday morning and instructed that they dominate the East Coast of Demerara.
Reactions from the EU, US, UK and Canada have been unanimous and strong. In a joint statement yesterday, members of the diplomatic community strongly condemned the killings of several Lusignan residents yesterday morning, and warned its citizens living in Guyana to be on alert.
The diplomatic community stand ready to lend help if Guyana should ask.
As of yesterday afternoon, Guyana had not requested any help from the diplomatic community.
Also present at the reading of the statement yesterday were British High Commissioner Fraser Wheeler, Ambassador of the European Commission Geert Heikens, and Marc Mostovic, Charge d’Affaires of the Canadian High Commission.
“Like all citizens and residents of Guyana, we are appalled at the brutal murder of innocent people, including children, in Lusignan early this morning. Our deepest sympathy lies with the families of the victims, and we hope the perpetrators of this atrocity are brought to justice quickly,” the officials said in the joint statement.
Sleeping boy shot dead. Courtesy of Kaieteur News.
Sleeping boy shot dead. Courtesy of Kaieteur News.
Survivors of the ordeal recount their horrific experiences. At least six were wounded. One man watched his son get shot in the head and died as he sat in bed helplessly. It happened so fast he could not even respond, and before he knew it another bullet hit him wounding him.
One woman told of hiding under the bed with her daughter while her husband was dragged out from under the bed and shot dead.
A $30M reward for one Rondell Rawlins, called ‘Fine Man,’ has been posted for information leading to his arrest or capture.
Rawlins, of Buxton, East Coast Demerara, and Agricola, East Bank Demerara, is wanted by the police for a series of murders and robberies under arms.
It is said that he is responsible for last evening’s massacre at Lusignan, which left 11 people dead.
Anyone with information that may lead to his arrest is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers: 225-6411, 226-6978, 225-8196, 226-1326, 225-2227, 225-3650, 225-7625, or 911, or the nearest police station.
In a released issued by the police, it is stated that all information will be treated with strict confidence.
I doubt the death of all of these people can be on one man's head only. Not when there were about twenty accomplices.
This story hits home for this CJ. My favourite aunt lives in Lusignan along with some of my cousins. I read this news on the Kaieteur News site hoping I won't see any names I recognize. Still I am heart sick over what happened. This aunt lost her husband years ago to men just like these and one of her daughters, a cousin, lost her eldest son to men like these four years ago this coming Feb. 14th.
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