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The Wii not so Kid Friendly?

By Aaron Robson     Jan 26, 2008 in Entertainment
The Wii is known for it's "Kid friendly" interface, themes, games, and level of difficulties. But what happens when older people play it? Subliminal messages begin to be noticed, do you really want your kid to be playing this?
The friendly editors at Gamesradar are out to stop this madness and make people aware.
They have compiled a video of the two most obvious games for when iit comes to sexual suggestions involving child molestation and adult themes. Alone the games are suspicious, but together the games are brutally obvious.
Sure, a kid might not be aware of these messages with in the game, or might not know what they are really playing. But all it does is take one smart kid to figure it out then it is all downhill from there.
The Two games are Boogie and Nights, Journey of Dreams. Boogie deals with dancing partially nude, and suggestive/funky songs to dance to, while Nights brings dirty compilations of words and curious glances at kids from grown men (can't forget the bit of bondage in the end, but that's not the knock out punch).
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