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National Institutes of Health: Too Much Cola Can Cause Kidney Problems

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 24, 2008 in Health
Researchers from the National Institute of Health claim colas are linked to kidney stones and other renal problems. Drinking two or more cola drinks a day causes a twofold risk of chronic kidney disease.
Many studies have been done before connecting colas to diabetes and obesity (because of high sugars present in the drinks) and now researchers from National Institutes of Health claim colas pose a high risk to the kidney’s health.
Researchers compared the diet habits of 465 people with chronic kidney disease and 467 health people. They found that drinking two or more colas a day (either regular or diet colas) poses a twofold risk of developing chronic kidney disease.
The work has been published in the journal Epidemiology. The authors however have said more research is needed to confirm this claim.
Researchers believe the phosphoric acid present in colas pulls the calcium from the bones and this seems to influence kidney stones, renal failure and other conditions affecting the kidneys.
Do you see this connection?
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