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article imageConstruction Giants Vie for 'Mythical' Highway Contract

By restlessmind     Jan 24, 2008 in Politics
Despite widespread mainstream media denial, construction on the sovereignty-destroying Trans Texas Corridor/NAFTA Superhighway is well underway. The contractor for the I-69 leg of the gargantuan project will be announced in the spring.
The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) has announced a March 5 deadline for two heavy-hitting private sector developers to submit final plans for a 650-mile Interstate 69 Trans Texas Corridor toll road, Traffic Technology Today reports.
ZAI ACS TTC-69, led by San Antonio-based Zachry American Infrastructure and Bluebonnet Infrastructure, led by Cintra Concesiones de Infraestructuras de Transporte, S.A., Cintra, a Spanish firm, had submitted initial public-private partnership bids last year.
Now TxDOT has issued a formal request for proposals to the two private developer teams for detailed plans on how to finance, design, construct, operate and maintain I-69/TTC. Once built, the multi-billion dollar toll road would become part of the TxTag electronic toll collection network in Texas.
I-69/TTC’s route will link south Texas and northeast Texas and will ultimately become part of an interstate corridor extending from the Canadian border at Port Huron, Michigan to the Texas/Mexico border. It will be one leg of the controversial NAFTA Superhighway, a planned network of massive 10-lane roadways, rail tracks, pipelines and communication cables running from Mexico through the U.S.A. and into Canada. Billed as a boost to the economies of all three countries, it will largely serve as an infrastructure to convey containers of cheap Chinese goods from Mexico’s western ports northward for distribution.
Perhaps because the TTC/NAFTA Superhighway is closely linked to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (aka North American Union), a 2005 agreement between the three nations’ chief executives, signed in secret and based on a Council on Foreign Relations report which recommends dissolving national sovereignty, there have been many efforts by the mainstream media to deny its existence. A widely-syndicated newspaper article last May referred to it as an “urban myth,” while an August piece in The Nation allowed that TTC might exist but insisted that the NAFTA Superhighway is imaginary. In November, the Boston Globe consigned the NAFTA Superhighway to the trashbin of “conspiracy theory” along with the North American Union.
But the giant tollway, by whatever name, is already under construction. The length that parallels I-35 will run from the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas through Laredo, Texas, and on to Duluth, Minnesota -- with a swing through the “inland port” of Kansas City, now home to . a Mexican customs office
As to I-69/TTC, TxDOT is expected to make a recommendation this spring on which of the two proposed plans provides the best long-term value for the public.
“The I-69 corridor has been a work in progress for the past 16 years and it is high time we pour some concrete,” said Ned Holmes, a member of the Texas Transportation Commission.
Although Zachry and Cintra may be in competition now, they’ve been known to work together in the past.
In fact, they are partners in building the I-35 Trans Texas Corridor.
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