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article imageShaky camera work makes Cloverfield audiences sick

By Haley January Eckels     Jan 24, 2008 in Entertainment
Theaters across the country are posting warning signs for movie goers: Cloverfield might make you sick. The camera work for the film was meant to mimic that of a home movie, leaving some audience members sick to their stomachs.
Cloverfield is a classic monster movie. The film documents the experiences of five young adults as they try to survive a horrifying attach on New York City. The story is told from the point of view of their video camera, which accounts for the amateur feel of the cinematography. Audiences are comparing it to the 1999 hit "The Blair Witch Project", which was filmed in a similar style. Many viewers are also comparing the film to The Bourne Identity series, which was also filmed with handy cams.
The movie is doing remarkably well in theaters, pulling in more than $40 million on its opening weekend. Viewers reactions are mixed, though, and many report having to leave the theater to keep their popcorn down. Some are even bringing Dramamine, an anti-motion sickness medication, to the movie.
Those who have seen the film have started lively discussions on IMBD, and their comments show the effects of the shaky camera work.
"The shakiness runied it for a lot of people including myself," one poster complains.
Another laments:
"Maybe I wouldn't have felt sick if i didn't eat a hot dog wrapped in a pretzel, and a slushie before the movie."
Another movie goer echoes my thoughts exactly:
"Why can't one of these movies be about an intrepid steadycam operator who get caught in the middle of one of these unspeakable disasters?"
Cloverfield is the creation of J.J. Abrams, who is the mastermind behind ABC's hit series Lost. He was inspired to make a monster movie following a trip to Japan, where his son was drawn to Godzilla toys.
I have not seen Cloverfield, and knowing my history with motion sickness, I don't intend to see it. I cannot handle shaky camera work, and I'm not a huge fan of monster movies anyway. I'm wondering, though, how the community at Digital Journal has reacted to the film. Did it make you sick? Did you love the cinematography? Will you see Cloverfield despite reports like this?
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