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article imageCharge Your Cellphone Just By Moving With M2E Kinetic Power

By Chris V. Thangham     Jan 18, 2008 in Technology
Cell phones are ubiquitous everywhere and they use considerable battery power and contribute enormous environmental waste. But thanks to M2E, the kinetic energy (movement) gets converted to electrical energy and powers the device.
M2E (Motion 2 Energy) has developed a technology based on Faraday’s principle of electromagnetic induction in 1831 when he demonstrated that a moving magnet could induce an electrical current in a wire coil. The M2E’s technology will convert the kinetic energy from minor movements to an electrical charge to power the mobile or other electronic device.
M2E will help by eliminating the bulky chargers and frequent charging of cell phones, the movements during the course of the day would be sufficient to power the device.
This kinetic energy principle has been widely used in flash lights, wrist watches, and even the OLPC laptops which get powered by hand crank movements. Whereas with M2E, the movements alone will charge the phones, no need of hand cranks to charge it.
Regular Battery Vs M2E battery technology
M2E applies the same principle as Faraday’s, but with their patent pending innovations in the physical structure of their battery chargers, they are able to deliver more power by a factor of 3 to 7 times compared to the competing energy solution. Thus they will be able to keep the device powered for a longer period.
M2E is also an eco-friendly, clean tech solution that can significantly reduce carbon emissions. It may completely eliminate the need for battery chargers unless the movements are limited or the usage of the device is more, so it will reduce the impact on the environment. Since M2E batteries requires less toxic heavy metals (30 percent less) than regular batteries and doubles the battery life, it will also aid the environment with less waste.
Currently M2E products are not available for the public; they are working with military, so the soldiers can recharge the electronics without the need of batteries or rechargers in the battlefield.
Hope to see this product in the market soon.
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