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article imageOp-Ed: Where Did 'My' Nation Go?

By KJ Mullins     Jan 17, 2008 in Lifestyle
As I read through the various political propaganda that the candidates have going around the Internet I have to ask myself what I honestly feel about the nation of my birth. Am I the one who changed too much or did she?
I miss the old nation, the one where hope seemed to be common place. Something I feel when I walk down a street in the nation I now reside in, Canada.
Don't get me wrong, I still love the ideals of the United States. The belief that anyone can become a force to be reckoned with if they only work hard enough. Other aspects of my homeland though sadden me.
There has always been an edge of fear running through the public in the States, the cold war, nuclear bombs exploding overhead, but it wasn't the same. Then it was the big them, the unseen lurkers of nightmares. The nation didn't remind you on a daily basis that those creatures of bad dreams wanted to kill the collective "us".
Maybe I was too young to see otherwise. Perhaps that has always been the sentiment of the bogeyman, get those mean ole Americans.
I don't remember though in my earlier adulthood a time when Christians were against other Christians or for that matter against everyone that wasn't a "them." Sure there were always those that most people thought of as the "kooks" that wanted to shove their version of things down your throat but they were the "kooks" they weren't running for public office and gaining a ton of support.
I guess the world and the nation has simply changed too radically for the United States to be the one of my younger days.
I miss the thought that the nation was a nice older sibling to other countries, trying to help them along when times got a little rough. Today it seems more like the U.S. is that wicked step parent that only wants you around if you believe and do as you are told. The my way or the highway with a little bomb salad on the side kind of guy.
I miss the changes that the Sixties had brought around. While racial lines still aren't perfect they have improved enough that a man of colour is running and leading in this campaign. A woman is doing the same. That's an awesome feat.
But at the same time skin colour still is looked at. A different skin tone more so today, those of Arab heritage aren't treated the same. Those of Hispanic heritage are too often assumed to be "illegal".
Maybe my observations are wrong, tinted with liberal rose coloured glasses. Do you feel that the nation has changed for the better?
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