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article imageWould Master Chief star in his own movie?

By Aaron Robson     Jan 16, 2008 in Entertainment
If the Halo Movie were ever to see the light of day, there is the surrounding question on whether Master chief would even be the main character or just another character to move the plot along.
Well, it is only questionable based upon the First Person Shooter series alone.
"I think what it boiled down to with the film was really a question of 'Who is the main character of the movie" claimed Bungie writing Director Joseph Staten.
Staten went on to explain that the faceless helmet wearing Master chief would have been hard to portray as the main character through out a full length feature film due to the fact that no one even knows what the man looks like. It would have been hard to create a connection between him and the audience. Most of the people watching would be fans of the series and even then...
"But," he added, "you can certainly surround him with people who don't have helmets on and you can see their faces. They're normal actors doing their thing."
From there, Staten went on to talking about the original movie script that was created.
"In the final version of the script the Master Chief was certainly absolutely critical to the film, but there were other characters around him which carried most of it, that did most of the emotional heavy lifting. The Master Chief was there in support of their story."
All of this would make excellent bonus features on the Halo dvd but unfortunately it doesn't even look like it will reach the theaters. The project has been off and on for the past few years with no actual progress in sight. Plus, both Hollywood heavyweights Fox and Universal backed away from the project. But, if rumors are right, the film is underway now.
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