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article imageGas Station Sells Maggot-Infested Hershey Candy Bars

By Debra Myers     Jan 15, 2008 in Health
Imagine popping into the gas station for a quick snack, grabbing a Hershey bar and thinking that you're good to go. That is, until you unwrap that luscious chocolate to find maggots beating you to eat your snack! A Florida woman got such a surprise!
Orlando - Kaley Pitman stopped to get herself a snack, specifically a Hershey's with Almonds candy bar, at a Chevron Gas Station last week near downtown Orlando. To her horror, when she peeled back the wrapper, she found maggots inside with the chocolate.
"I got sick to my stomach and thought it can't be just one candy bar," she explained.
But she played it smart and went back to the store and bought the remaining Hershey with Almonds box and took them home, where she filmed opening up each and every one of them. Every single candy bar had maggots in them.
Pitman also noticed that the candy bars were three months over the expiration date. She went back to the store, tried to get the store clerk to refund her money which he refused to do until she showed him her video.
When Eyewitness News got involved with the case, the Florida Department of Agriculture did, too. When the news team confronted the store clerk, he told them, "Insect killer. We have a contract with them. They come, kill insects," he said. As well, he went through and removed all the outdated candy from the store shelves.
WFTV asked Pitman what her motives were in this, and Pitman didn't deny that she had initially contacted a lawyer. She said that her real goal is to protect others.
The news station also contacted the Hershey's company and were told that this type of problem occurs during distribution and/or which point, it's out of Hershey's control.
Florida's Department of Agriculture regulates 50,000 stores. It is not against the law to sell candy beyond the expiration date, but it is against the law to sell milk, dairy products and oysters beyond the sell date.
As well, WFTV called the store's distributor only to find out this problem has been ongoing for a year.
Well, this story has ruined my urge for a chocolate fix...I'll be watching my candy bars a whole lot closer from now on.
(For those that dare...there is a video on the link I provided.)
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