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Web, crackdowns weakening Mafia's grip

By MadMoneyWannabe     Jan 14, 2008 in Crime
When business is at hand, Cosa Nostra counted solely on fear, but that's going to change. In a rebellion against the Sicilian Mafia from its century-old roots, businesses have joined together to refuse demands for "protection money" called "pizzo."
According to Yahoo News, the Mafia has been getting away with their "protection money" and threatening to sap a weakening crime syndicate of a steady source of income. The Mafia has had a history of coming back from defeat, but who they're up against is much different than the usual suspect: a website where businessmen have found safety numbers to act against the mob.
These businessmen range from shopkeepers to industrialists who are being emboldened by arrests of these bosses. Their is continued discovery in the raids against the Mafia and their bookkeeping system on who has paid them and how much.
According to Maurizio De Lucia, who has investigated against the Mafia for years, This rebellion goes to the heart of the Mafia. If it works, we will have a great advantage in the fight against the Mafia.
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