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article imageOp-Ed: The Godfather's Use of the Bible

By Joie Maccarone     Jan 11, 2008 in World
The mafia's godfather had a devil of an idea when he began using the bible as a form of communication which was to be translated by his followers, and to deliver the code of conduct.
Bernardo Pervanzana who is the head of the Sicilian Mafia known as La Costra Nostra (meaning our business) has been in prison since 2006. He has been living in total isolation ever since.
Prior to his arrest, the godfather Pervanzana had been on the run or rather hiding out and unseen for about 43 years. He would not use any modern or common use of communication to reach his followers. And the only way they believed he even existed has been through coded messages scribbled on pieces of paper.
Ever since his arrest and even though he has been confined to his isolation, the prison guards believe he has be using the bible to communicate to his subservients and believers and that he stills has a great deal of influence over them.
The FBI code-breakers suspect the godfather used the bible as a source to deliver his mysterious encrypted messages. They are under the impression he used biblical references to communicate his wishes and demands for his believers to live by; at the time of his arrest, his bible was found to contain dots, arrows and notations, and it is believed his followers used those codes to conduct their business.
Now, I can’t help but to wonder if members of the Costra Nostra have been feuding with each other over the true meaning of their godfather’s message. Could it be these gangsters are knocking each other out with their own interpretations of what the godfather has actually been trying to convey to them?
It is believed that following his arrest, the godfather released the reins to a younger man who happened to sit at his right-hand side. This man is known as Salvatore Lo Piccolo. And in true fashion, his followers must believe and follow in the words and the teachings of the man who was hand-picked by the godfather himself.
Sound familiar?
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