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Hundreds of Subway Riders Plan to Strip to Their Underwear

By Andi Bryant     Jan 11, 2008 in Entertainment
To break up the monotony of day-to-day doldrums, and to instigate 'scenes of chaos and joy' the No Pants 2K8 event set for January 12th will bring hundreds of subway riders to their trains wearing nothing but their underwear.
If you hop on a Boston-bound subway train and spy droves of riders wearing nothing more than their underwear and maybe a smile (although its against the rules), you aren't seeing things, it's just the No Pants 2K8 event slated to take place on January 12 from 3:00pm to 6:00pm.
The event's coordinator, 25 year old Adam Sablich says, "The idea is not to inconvenience. It's not to offend. It's not to cause a ruckus. It's absolutely to give people something to talk about". He warns that the "large-scale improv event" is not to involve any illegal activities. Sablich will be there, along with the anticipated few hundred participants who have voiced their intent through networking sites such as Facebook.
Chief of the MBTA Transit Police, Paul MacMillan says officers may ride with the pranksters "to ensure their safety".
The Boston leg of the No Pants 2K8 mirrors a similar event that takes place in New York annually, organized by Improv Everywhere. The philosophy behind that event is to break the hubbub cycle and bring 'scenes of chaos and joy' with improvisation and humor. According to the website, Improv Everywhere says the scantly clad prank is to "bring excitement to otherwise unexciting locales".
The rules of the event, according to the website, are that participants are willing to take off their pants on the subway, they should be able to keep a straight face, and all attendees, including media, must plan to take off their pants.
Participants for the Boston No Pants 2K8 are planning on meeting at the Alewife station in Cambridge sporting boxers or briefs, and can wear a coat if they like. The New York City No Pants 2K8 will take place on the same day, with riders meeting at Foley Square near the Brooklyn Bridge.
Similar events are also planned to take place in Washington, DC, Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA, Chicago, IL, Baltimore, MD, Salt Lake City, UT, Toronto, Canada and Adelaide, Australia.
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