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article imageOp-Ed: 666 Replaced

By Joie Maccarone     Jan 9, 2008 in World
What in the devil's name attracted me to this article, I can't say. But when I heard that 666 was to be replaced, something possessed me and I swear I felt like I was on fire.
Operator: ”Hello, how may I direct your call?”
Caller: “Can you connect me to my granny who lives in Reeves Louisiana at area code 666,”
Operator: “Sorry to interrupt you dear, but that number has been changed to 749”
Caller: “But I don’t understand, I’ve been calling my granny at 666 since 1960. What in the devil’s name has made them do it?
Operator: “Well, my dear, apparently the town's major Scott Walker and a couple of the State's senators lobbied Tel Century and the state Public Service Commission complaining that the area code number 666 had been giving the town a black eye and that the towns' folk no longer wished to be associated with the stigma attached to it.
Caller: “You don’t say. I didn't realize they were so superstitious.”
Operator: “Oh, indeed, they must be and Mr. Walker even went on to say that people from Reeves are “good Christian folk” and said that the decision from Tel Century was a “divine intervention!”
Caller; “A divine intervention? They have a direct link to God, do they? Well that's a switch!”
Personally, I'll stick with 666. 749 just doesn't seem to have the same ring to it.
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