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Small Ontario Town Pays 47 Cents a Litre for Gas

By Posthappy     Jan 5, 2008 in Business
Imagine if gas only cost you 47 cents a litre ($1.78 per gallon)? Well, a small Ontario town of 8500 residents, located northeast of Toronto, saw just that and were ecstatic when the price kept falling?
It was the lowest price of the year and bound to not be repeated, not in 2008 that is. Heck it was probably the lowest price of the decade. I mean can you really remember the last time you saw gas at 47 cents a litre? Yup, you read that right, 47 cents a litre.
Friday in Port Perry, Ontario, residents could not believe their eyes when they saw the price of gas drop, drop and drop some more from the current $1.04 average Ontarians are paying right now for gas.
As CTV reports, it started in a two-hour price war where the local Esso station owner "was only following orders from head office" while he dropped the price down and kept dropping it when the other surrounding gas stations joined in the war for customers.
Esso finally bottomed out at 47 cents and Pioneer would not go below 87 cents per litre although they benefited from the long line-ups of those waiting to get their share. Even at 87 cents per litre, it was still a bargain. They sold out of regular gas which meant you could get premium for the same low price.
The small town was already seeing a ten day price war, but the prices never dropped below 50 cents before Friday; meanwhile the rest of Ontario is seeing record high prices.
Wow. I guess it pays to live in the country.
Port Perry a sleepy, summer town, is located about an hour northeast of Toronto in the township of Scugog.
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