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article imageOp-Ed: Are You Numb Yet?

By KJ Mullins     Jan 3, 2008 in World
Everyday the news brings details of another car bombing, another death from the wars that rage in Afghanistan and Iraq, political unrest. Do you care anymore or has the 21st century already numbed you?
In just the past 24 hours five died in Turkey from a car bomb. Israel fired rockets killing 9 in Gaza. I could give you more bombings if you would like, they happen often enough.
Politically just this year alone Pakistan and Kenya are both in the throes of unrest. Kenya was known as the peacemaker in Africa, that sadly with the burning of a church can no longer be stated as the case. The war in Sri Lanka is as strong if not stronger than ever. In the Congo fighters are raping innocents. The United Nations lost more workers to murder in 2007 than any other year.
Journalists have died left and right reporting the truth. Young men and women from the United States and Canada die on the front lines everyday. Young men and women die on the front lines from Afghanistan and Iraq every single die.
The war is a violent place. The news reflects that violence.
Religious wars wage on as strongly as they did in the Middle Ages. Brother against brother, neighbour against neighbour. Those who believe against those who are fed up with those beliefs. Depending on where in the world you were born your side was chosen before you took your first breathe. Christian and Islamic. Islamic and Jew. See the trend? Do you care anymore?
The world though hasn't changed in terms of violence. Human beings are a violent sort. Top of the food chain and all that rot. We want to be on top. Because of that guns will fire, children will die and observers will at some point become numb to the death and destruction that surrounds them.
Look in the eyes of a child who has known nothing but war. They are not the eyes of a child filled with games and innocence. They are the eyes of an old man ready to pass on to another life. They are ready for something they have never known or can barely remember, peace. Is that word though an impossibility? Could this orb ever know overwhelming peace?
It's said with faith you could move a mountain. With hope can you change the world?
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