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Op-Ed: Al Qaeda targeting Sunni tribal groups after Bin Laden threat

By Paul Wallis     Jan 2, 2008 in World
The payback for AQ’s reversals has arrived. Bin Laden warned the Sunnis not to fight against Al Qaeda in Iraq in his recent fun-filled message. The Middle East’s hate factory have therefore been conducting suicide attacks on the Sunnis.
The Sunnis, somehow, got sick of their AQ tourists, and after the US surge decimated their persuasive power, the tribes kicked AQ fighters out of their territory.
The New York Times article doesn’t need much explanation. OBL issues press release, then AQ kills some more people on principle.
Iraqis generally don’t have a lot of reason to thank AQ.
Mensa escapee Zaqawi started the war with the Shi’a, literally declaring war on them and attacking mosques, giving the Iraqi public further bliss.
Al Qaeda in Iraq is comprised of a lot of foreigners, from such devastated, deprived places as Saudi Arabia. Another reason for the Iraqis to be so enthused. In Afghanistan they also endeared themselves to the locals, and were known as “the Arabs”.
I met some Iraqis, holding a garage sale for their trip back home. They were hoping for peace. I have a little table in my living room to remind me of their worried but hopeful homecoming. The last thing they wanted was this violence. They had young kids, and enough on their plates.
Don’t expect any “Thanks, Osama” parades from the Iraqis.
Just for the record, this has nothing to do with anything ever called Islam.
I’ve got a neighbor who’s been kind enough to give me some primers in English, so I can get some sort of grip on the subject. It’s taken a few years, but I now have enough facts to make a comment or two.
Nowhere, in the Koran or anywhere else, is this kind of bloodthirsty insanity even mentioned, let alone preached. Even attacks on the Hajj pilgrims were carried out. That is in direct violation of any Islamic doctrine.
One of the many good reasons so many Moslems get offended by being associated with AQ is that it’s like calling them the criminals who’ve been spreading misery throughout the Islamic world. They’ve had decades of this self-proclaimed brilliance, and you can’t blame them for a certain lack of patience when people don’t have such basic knowledge.
1.4 billion Moslems get out of bed every morning and don’t kill anyone. Probably just a coincidence.
Al Qaeda made a point from the start trying to drive a wedge between Moslems and the West, and the Western hatemongers, who are about as useful as AQ itself, have fallen for it time and again. AQ elected itself head of the Islamic world, and good ‘ol branding, one of marketing’s lazier options, did the rest.
Western culture owes a lot to the original Islamic civilization. Europe learned a lot. The word chemistry comes from the Arabic word ”chimia”. Somebody showed a modern surgeon old Moorish surgical instruments, and he recognized most of them. Architecture, mathematics and astronomy were also beneficiaries. The original Islamic civilization introduced irrigation across the Middle East, and was for a while the most advanced civilization on Earth, with the possible exception of the Ming at their peak.
Contrast this with the deliberate murder, torture and maiming of thousands of people, and ordering those things in the name of that religion. This could well be Islam’s Wars of the Reformation, just with added publicity.
The Iraqis’ great hero, Saladin, who was a Kurd born in Tikrit, wasn’t famous for attacking defenceless people, either. He was an actual soldier, not an occasional dabbler hiding under rocks.
Be interested to see if Bin Laden ever tries to emulate the people he uses as his excuses.
Talk is cheap enough. Lives aren’t.
AQ has made yet another mistake. The Middle East isn’t a forgiving place, and they're creating enemies as each self-sustaining ideological chicken comes home to roost.
Read the chapter in the Koran about hypocrisy. Very edifying on the subject of those who say one thing and mean something else.
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