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Kiss and Escape Plot Ends in Arrest

By Samantha A. Torrence     Jan 1, 2008 in Crime
Normally one would not Kiss and Tell, but a recorded telephone call from the county jailed told of a Kiss with a plot to help a felon escape from Jail by slipping him a handcuff key.
Theresa Fougere,46, was arrested on Monday for charge of attempting to aid a felon to escape.
James Miller, 38, called his girlfriend Theresa from jail and concocted a plan for her to slip him handcuff keys while kissing or hugging. Miller was informed that phone calls from the jail were monitored by the Norfolk County sheriff's department.
Sheriff Michael Belloti explained Miller was being held on charges of Heroin Possession, a suspect in multiple burglaries and is now being charged with conspiracy and attempted escape.
During an interview with Theresa over the weekend authorities discovered they key which Fougere handed over but has made no statement as to how she acquired the key.
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