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Huckabee's latest: Shrewd or Crude?

By S.H. Mills     Jan 1, 2008 in Politics
Was it an attack of conscience that lead presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee to pull a mud-slinging ad against Republican opponent Mitt Romney, or was it Huckabee’s crafty way of getting his message out (free of charge) without looking like the bad guy?
Attack of conscience or sneaky attack?
Mike Huckabee recently called a press conference, in a room filled with negative posters about Mitt Romney, presumably to unveil a new ad campaign. Before the new ad was played however, Mr. Huckabee seemed to have a change of heart. He told reporters the ad would be pulled… but not before showing it to “every news outlet in the country,” according to Fox News.
Reporters were heard laughing, some believing they had been set up. Huckabee didn’t seem concerned. He acted as if it were necessary to play the ad so that the reporters knew it was real. Some felt duped and believe that Huckabee was simply looking for free publicity.
If that were the case, his plan worked. Now, it’s being reported and video of the ad is available on the Internet for all to see.
With the Iowa caucuses just two days away, campaigning is becoming intense. That much is obvious when candidates begin breaking Ronald Reagan’s ‘11th commandment,’ against attacking fellow Republicans. After continuous invoking of Ronald Reagan’s name by the candidates, one might expect that they’d follow his advice.
Mitt Romney offered comments in response, such as referring to Huckabee as “disingenuous.”
The L.A. Times reports:
"The haircut -- and the event -- cost the Huckabee campaign just $75."
Disingenuous or ingenious? Maybe a little bit of both.
Iowa voters will soon have the chance to decide.
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