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article imageBenazir Bhutto 'killers' shown in film images

By Chris V. Thangham     Dec 31, 2007 in Politics
A Pakistani television channel showed pictures of Bhutto’s killers that were captured just moments before the explosion. It appears two men were involved in killing her before they committed suicide.

Another Video from Sky News with More details of pictures and analysis.

Dawn News TV in Pakistan showed these images of killers in the crowd at the rally on Dec. 27 in which Benazir Bhutto was killed. The pictures were taken by an amateur photographer and are shown in the video.
The images are blurry in the video, but appear to show a young, clean-shaven man wearing a waistcoat and dark glasses. He was moving towards Bhutto’s vehicle as she was standing through the roof and acknowledging her supporters.
Then one image shows a young man with an outstretched arm pointing a gun at Bhutto. You can hear couple of loud sounds similar to gun shots from the man standing just a few meters away from the vehicle.
The final image shows activists around the vehicle ducking their heads in reflex to the gun shot sounds. The man is still standing while everyone is ducking and trying to run away.
Here is another video; you can see the gunman with a pistol in his hand firing shots at her, very close to her car.
The security is supposed to check everyone in the vicinity for guns and ammunition before allowing them close. It seems the person or persons were able to easily breach the security.
The government has insisted she died of blast wounds and not of gun shot wounds, but that doesn’t appear the be the case. The government so far has refused outside investigations including its any from allied nations. Butto's body was not autopsied either, despite the fact it is done on everyone else who is murdered.
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