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article imageJames Brown's Children Join The Fight Over Papa's Wealth

By Michelle Duffy     Dec 30, 2007 in Entertainment
If there hasn't been enough fights over everything from burial sites to his widow fighting over the will of the Godfather of Soul, now, James Brown's children are joining in the most fought over estate in music.
The estate of the Godfather of Soul has been arguably, the most fought over in music history according to those in the know, and if James Brown's millions get everyone else other than his wife and children, then somewhere along the line, there will be tears over Papa's bag...
The estate, according to his will, is being generously dished out between Mr Brown's grandchildren and a trust especially set up by the singer to help educate young poor people who wouldn't normally be able to have the opportunity to get a good start in life.
A worthy idea, I hear you say and very commendable, yet to his nearest and dearest, the bag has been seriously been a cat amongst pigeons. Hold on tight any lawyer involved, the children, of which their are plenty, have stepped in and according to court papers, are about to get tough on the Godfather's last wishes.
If it wasn't bad enough that the legend has side stepped his own children in favour for his grandchildren, one actually can't feel too against his own offspring, yet surely if one's own father wished to set up a trust for others who are disadvantaged, you would be fairly proud? Not in the case of the Brown-lets, it would seem.
The plot thickens as according to a small handful of his kids, their father's former financial advisers talked Brown into setting up the trusts simply so that they personally profit from the venture after his death, meaning the children would very little, or nothing at all of the money.
One of the advisers, Buddy Dallas, has called the silly outburst as "an act of desperation." He said,
"No-one told James Brown what to do. I would have just influenced him to give me something."
We guess that it would make a whole of of sense - Mr Brown was never someone who would be told to nod is his in agreement to something, especially when it came to money.
However, Deanna Brown Thomas, Venisha Brown, Daryl Brown, Yamma, Lumar and Larry Brown are about to face the Aiken County Probate Court in their "act of desperation" or at least to see if they can find some sense into why their father cut them out of the will so coldly.
Louis Levenson, who is the lawyer acting on their behalf said that there were certainly more than just one will written by the legend soul singer one more than one occasion in his life, yet the last one he wrote was the final copy. The others discovered by his children were simply drafts. However, even on paper, they tell a completely different story and more importantly, a shadow of doubt about the money being left to charity in such a heavy dosage.
Levenson said,
"There was sporadic indication that Mr Brown intended to benefit some charities, but the circumstances surrounding the making of these documents have always been clouded in mystery."
Another child has come forward, the sixth and also named in the will, will be also having his say, but under a different lawyer. James Brown died last year on Christmas Day.
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