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Airline glitches top cause of delays

By MadMoneyWannabe     Dec 28, 2007 in Business
More delays have been put into effect due to airline glitches. When you thought long lines was due to security another element is adding to the equation. Flight delays will continue because of these glitches and creating longer passenger slowdowns.
According to USA Today, the data call that is in question hold a long-held notion of air travel delays such as bad weather and heavy air traffic since those are the usual reasons for delays. Certain newspapers have reported a shortage of airline pilots, long refuel process for planes, or mechanical breakdowns as reasons for these delays.
According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), Airline issues triggered 23.8 million minutes of delay through October this year. Delays attributed to the congested air-traffic system, the next largest cause, were 23.3 million.
In previous years, the major carriers have reported increases in delays because of their own problems. A prime example is Northwest Airlines, which had struggled with labor summer of 2006. More than 1.9 million minutes of delays of this kind have occurred through October, which is approximately 40 percent of all delays.
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