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Child Credited With Saving Mother

By 411     Dec 22, 2007 in Health
A five-year-old by the name of Alex Harris called 911 to inform the operator his mom was in trouble. This transpired in Hialeah, Florida on August 18. Alex’s mother, Naet Harris, had taken her medication but soon felt dizzy and fell on the floor.
Alex called 911 with a cell-phone and did not remember his address so it was challenging for Cuervo, the 911 dispatcher, to locate the exact residence of Alex and his mom. One of the methods Cuervo used to help locate the house was by asking the child if he heard the sound of the ambulance.
As the ambulance reached closer to Alex’s house, Cuervo heard the siren on her phone and notified the ambulance driver. The emergency workers did finally locate Alex’s residence and took his mom to the hospital. She spent four days there but did not believe she would live if her son had not called the emergency number. She is very proud of Alex and considers him her hero.
Cuervo stated “He listened better than most adults who tend to freak out.” Alex said his teacher taught him to dial 911 when in trouble. After the incident a ceremony was held where Alex became an honorary Hialeah firefighter and met Cuervo. Alex was given the nickname “Hero.” Cuervo was also honored for her excellent service.
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