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article imageDiana's Friend Tells Inquest Of Dodi And Diana's False Sense Of Security

By Michelle Duffy     Dec 18, 2007 in Crime
Close friend and alternative healer, Myriah Daniels has told the court in London today of the night she feared for her life after being driven by Henri Paul, the chauffeur responsible for the crash that killed Diana and Dodi al Fayed
Myriah Daniels has spoken in the witness dock today at the inquest into the deaths of Diana, the Princess of Wales and her companion, Dodi al Fayed.
Daniels, who is a holistic healer told the court in London how she genuinely feared for her life when she was a passenger in a car driven by Henri Paul, the man who drove the black Mercedes the night that Diana and Dodi died, killing also himself.
Ms Daniels was in a car driven by Paul after dropping Diana and Dodi off on a separate occasion other than the fateful night in Paris, when she said she had become aware of the poor driving abilities of the French chauffeur.
Ms Daniels told the court,
"I was in a Range Rover driven by Henri Paul," she said. "I should be dead. I was positive I would be killed in that drive. Henri Paul almost killed us, honest to God, he was driving way too fast and recklessly and I was saying 'slow down, slow down', but nobody's listening and nobody's doing anything."
She told the court she had been working on board the yacht, only a matter of a few days before the Princess and Mr al Fayed were killed in August 1997. She also told the court how the Princess and Dodi were most certainly a couple in love.
She continued,
"He was driving like a maniac through the traffic. He drove from the left-hand lane all the way across the freeway to the offside ramp and the Range Rover almost tipped over and I was sure we were all going to die."
Curiously, she also informed the court that she had indeed warned Dodi about the dangers of not following certain security measures which were already in place to guard against the Princess's safety, yet both Dodi and Diana resisted saying that they were quite untouchable whilst they were holidaying on the yacht and back at the Ritz hotel in Paris were they briefly stayed.
She said that the couple deliberately left their own bodyguards at the yacht secure that they would not need them.
"I would say to Dodi 'You cannot take off without your bodyguards. They are here to look after Diana. He looked at me as if to say that he did not understand that there could be any danger."
She regarded Dodi's response as being of having a sense of "invincibility" against the Paparazzi.
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