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article imageSky-High Concept Car: The Cell Craft G440

By Chris V. Thangham     Dec 17, 2007 in Technology
An Italian helicopter pilot and designer has created a flying sport scar for commercial use. The concept car can be flown horizontally and allows vertical drop-off landing and hovering.
Italy's Gino d'Ignazio Gizio wanted to create a flying car similar to Dr. Paul Moller’s M400 Skycar, but he wanted the car to be drivable by anyone, with simple controls. He created a number of concept cars before creating the Cell Craft G440 shown here.
First he created a G416ef, designed for civilian commuter use. And then he created G420, a flying sport scar. He also created a search and rescue type of vehicle, the G500e. And then finally the car evolved to the Cell Craft G440.
The G440 design has a seven-seat capacity including the driver or pilot. It has a quad-turbine vertical take off and landing (VTOL) design.
According to Gizmag: "The turbines force air through and push it out the back, either straight through for horizontal flight, or at a directed downward angle (to allow vertical takeoff, landing and hovering) through a tilting exhaust tube at the rear of each turbine."
Gizio combined the best of his helicopter designs with regular airplane designs and added them to this concept car. The G440 combines easy access, take-off, landing, and hovering capabilities for a helicopter that can also fly fast, is safe and just as stable as a regular airplane. According to Gizio, it is also easy enough for an average driver to use this flying car.
-Photo courtesy
As Gizmag reports:
"The control system features twin joysticks mounted to the armrests of the sport scar-like pilot's seat. The left joystick handles power level control and the right handles tilt and direction. Press it forward, and the Cell Craft tilts forward from a stable hover and beings moving forward, gradually tilting the thrust tubes until the vehicle is moving forward at a rapid rate. Similarly, it is possible to tilt the vehicle sideways for lateral movement from a hover, or to steer while in horizontal flight."
-Photo courtesy
You can see the pictures and details of this cell craft along with Gizio’s previous designs here. The website is in both Italian as well as English. Since this requires a significant cash flow to operate and further research, he is looking for potential investors. Until then, he is involved in music, photography and cellphone designs.
What do you think? Will we see this concept car soon?
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