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"Yes, I Poisoned My Neighbors Dog" Young Man Confesses When Confronted By Police

By Pamela Jean     Dec 13, 2007 in Crime
He was just fed up with the dog's incessant barking. That is what Aaron Maenke, 26 of Bloomington, MN told police when questioned. Earlier this year Jessie, a two year old black lab was discovered foaming at the mouth. The vet confirmed poisoning.
Corey McClellan owned Jessie, the two year old black lab, as well as two additional dogs. There are no public records indicating that complaints had ever been lodged against Jessie, nor the other pets that share his home.
One day last summer, Corey was horrified to discover his beloved pet Jessie weak and disoriented, foam falling from her mouth. He rushed his dog to the vet, where she was euthanized. The vet confirmed that the dog had in fact been poisoned.
Upon returning home Corey discovered a half gallon container of insecticide in his back yard. Suspicious of his neighbor, he proceeded to rummage through his trash the following day, discovering remains of the original container that held the poison used on his dog.
McClellan then called police regarding the incident. When confronted by officers, Maenke confessed to the crime.
"He said that he was fed up with the dog being a nuisance in the neighborhood, barking incessantly," said Detective Jerry Robertson of the Bloomington Police Department.
Police indicate that it's fairly common for them to receive calls of dispute between neighbors over a dog. However, in this case neither Maenke, nor any other neighbors, had ever registered a complaint about Jessie or the other two dogs living with McClellan.
Maenke has been charged under a new felony anti-animal cruelty law. If convicted he faces up to two years in prison.
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