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English Man Tells Judge He Drank 48 Cans of Beer Per Day, For 20 Years

By Angelique van Engelen     Dec 11, 2007 in Health
You've got beer fanatics, beer lovers and you've got alcoholics. Sean Whiteside, a 28-year old from Preston, UK, is such a person. He didn't join the AA, but his story sounds like he did.
What happened? Whiteside appeared in court. That's what happened. He told a judge that he's spent the past two decades drinking 48 cans of beer a day. On some days, he supplemented this regime with liquor too.
The media picked up on the story and now dear Sean is likely going to be an emblem of alcoholics trying to lay off the habit.
Whiteside was already trying, he told a court trying him for burgling his neighbor's house to get cash for more beer. He said he was on 30 a day at the time of the crime. But, he admitted, he still starts and finishes every day by drinking beer. Every evening he takes around four cans with him to bed and he starts the day by ripping open a beer can too.
The judge ordered a GBP 790 fine and mandatory participation in a rehab scheme. Whiteside now has to kick a habit he started when he was 11 years old. When he was old enough to start working, he lost his job due to his addiction.
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