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article imageDigital Journal TV: Inside the World of Counterfeiting and How it Can Kill

By Digital Journal Staff     Dec 6, 2007 in Business
When you think of counterfeiting, you likely think of deals on Prada shoes, Chanel purses and cheap D&G sunglasses. But according to the RCMP and U.S. Homeland Security, the world of counterfeiting has become a serious threat that can even kill.
Digital Journal - According to Interpol, an estimated 5 to 7 per cent of total worldwide trade is made up of counterfeit goods. The global counterfeit trade has increased by more than 1000 per cent over the past decade while legitimate trade has climbed only 75 per cent during the same period.
In this special Digital Journal TV presentation, we take you behind a closed-door meeting where the RCMP, U.S. Homeland Security and dozens of manufacturers met to talk about the growing threat of counterfeit goods.
And we're not just talking about knock-off designer jeans: According to officials, counterfeit goods have become a serious threat to global trade and it poses a serious health and safety risk for consumers everywhere.
When you are out shopping for household items or holiday gifts how often do you think about the products you buy? The RCMP tells everything from electrical cords, to batteries, to medication, to food and cosmetics, and clothing and toys are being knocked-off and sold online and through retailers across North America.
Counterfeit goods often fail to meet safety standards, and in many cases, they include dangerous chemicals or drugs that pose major heath risks. Furthermore, unlike product recalls where governments can force companies to pull dangerous goods from the market, counterfeiters are underground and increasingly more difficult to track.
In this Digital Journal TV episode, we talk to RCMP superintendent Ken Hansen, and U.S. Consul General John Nay, about the risks you face as a consumer, and what needs to be done to stop it.
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