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'Ugly' People Strike Back In Argentina

By Can Tran     Dec 4, 2007 in World
Bueno Aires in Argentina is deemed a city of “beautiful” people where appearances and looks are important. As a result, the “ugly” people of Argentina strike back. They are not embarrassed to admit it.
Activist Gonzalo Otalora is considered in Argentina to be downright ugly. However, Otalora isn’t embarrassed to admit that he is “ugly.” He is not just admitting that he is ugly. Gonzalo Otalora is fighting back on behalf of those who do not fancy themselves to be “beautiful” film stars and models.
Otalora planted himself in front of the presidential palace. He wants current president of Argentina Nestor Kirchner to change the law. Gonzalo Otalora explains that it’s not fair that all the beautiful people get all the breaks. He adds that beauty is a natural advantage. He wants all the good-lookers to be taxed to finance compensation for the ugly people.
A book he had wrote called “Feo” (Ugly) has been republished. Currently, the book is selling well. The inside cover picture is of Gonzalo in his youth. He said that he wore thick glasses and wore braces. He adds that kids made fun of him at school.
Gonzalo further explained that he was rejected in the discos.
According to Gonzalo, President Kirchner is not a typical Argentine. He feels that the President will be sympathetic to the cause. Gonzalo adds that Kirchner’s childhood is similar to his.
To Gonzalo, it’s not about being beautiful. He said it’s about coming to terms and being positive about who you are and your nature. Gonzalo stresses that it’s important not to be insecure. He implies that a high self-esteem is what’s needed to compete in any area of society.
It states that a perfect example and hero to the ugly would be Carlos Tevez who is Argentinean and plays for Manchester United. Gonzalo wants to meet Tevez and give a copy of his book.
Opinions are mixed on the streets of the capital.
One woman said that it’s only fair. She also added that companies that help them to think in that fashion should also be fixed.
Another said one cannot put a price on beauty and that the most important thing is to be a good person. One woman in her 80s said there are no advantages in life, there’s only luck. She further explains that her daughter is beautiful with a good body along with being a lawyer. Her daughter was divorced twice.
Beauty is considered big business around the world. It’s a very huge business in Argentina with a barrage of TV on the streets with commercials on all sorts of beauty products.
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