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At Press Conference, Bush Discusses Iran, Congress and Why He Misses Campaigning

By KJ Mullins     Dec 4, 2007 in Politics
President Bush gave a press conference this morning. He spoke of the economy, mortgages, Iran and the need of congress to fund the troops in Iraq. He seemed to be more stressed than usual.
According to Bush, the economy is good. Unemployment levels are steady. His administration is addressing the current issues, one of which is home ownership and mortgage companies. They have been working since August of this year on the mortgage issues. They are not going to bail out the mortgage companies but rather the homeowners. The credit reassurance fund is in place to help keep the economy strong.
The problems in Iran are the ones most troubling to the United States president. Bush spoke at length about his concerns with Iran's nuclear weapons issues. While the NIE report assures the world that the weapons program closed four years ago, Bush is not convinced. The report does not change his position at all on his stand on Iran. They were covert for all those years so what means they will not do the same in the future. He repeatedly told the press corp that the statistics of the past are effective and working. Those strategies will continue. The United States will continue to rally the NIE for peace.
The Iranian people are finding themselves isolated from the world. The government has to understand that by hiding programs is not conducive for working with the rest of the world.
The enrichment of uranium by Iran is not to be allowed. In the past they have had a covert weapons program which could be how they react in the future. They have shown that they will defy the UN agreements by their past. Most of the world understands that Iran with a nuclear weapon is not good for peace.
Bush believes that Iran is dangerous and believes that the world has to do the "hard work" to convince Iran to change their policy. It is in the collective interest to pressure Iran economically to convince the Iranians to change their ways. He sees a danger. What happened in the past could be repeated.
Iran has the sovereign right to have a nuclear power plant but it does not have the right to an uranium enrichment program. They had a covert program, they are untrustworthy.....the United States has offered to provide the fuel but not be behind the program.
He was pleased with the election results in Venezuela. The man who termed Bush the devil is out the door. The people who voted showed their country that they are against one man rule. The US can make a difference in South America with passing the free trade agreement. If the US doesn't pass the agreement it will be a big blow for the South American country.
Talking about the Congress, Bush became agitated. While he stated that he has a very cordial relationship with the members of the Democratic party, he stressed that they need to work out their differences and come to the White House with one voice. One example that they can work together is through the Peruvian trade vote.
He spoke about the children's insurance veto. He questioned why they passed the vote when Congress knew that Bush was planning on vetoing it. He stated it was for the headlines.
Congress is going to have to pass his military funding plans. By not doing so Congress is not supporting the men and women fighting in Iraq for the United States. Not only is Congress to fund the bill but they have to stop telling the military how to conduct the war. According to the President the strategies are working. Congress needs to be congratulating the troops and the way to do that is to give them the funds that Bush says they need.
What I say isn't always what I really said
Bush refused to discuss phone calls with world leaders. He said that from past experience he understands how words can get twisted by reporters but he would talk about the issues.
On a lighter note, the President revealed that he misses campaigning. He enjoys the crowds, the noise, the competition.
He said that this election will be intense, more so than some other elections because there isn't a clear nominee in either party at this time.
He said that he will not miss one thing about the campaign in 2000. His friend Candy Crowley carried a respiratory virus aboard his plane. While the press corp was able to leave the plane many like Bush got sick.
it was a tough experience, not dissing Candy she's my friend
Bush stated that he feels pretty good about life. Time will tell on that statement.
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