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article imageGrandma Was Right, Honey Is The Cure

By KJ Mullins     Dec 4, 2007 in Health
It appears grandmothers the world round have been right all along about treating children's coughs with honey. That's what a new study out of says Pennsylvania State University's College of Medicine.
The research found that in a three way trial with cough medicines, no medicines or a teaspoon of honey before bed the honey calmed kids coughing the best. Gee Grandma was right all along.
"Many families are going to relate to these findings and say that grandma was right," said lead author Dr. Ian Paul of Pennsylvania State University's College of Medicine.
Honey can be used in children over the age of one. Babies under one have the potential of getting botulism from honey.
The test was performed with 105 children with upper respiratory infections from a clinic in Pennsylvania. Parents were given a paper bag containing honey flavored cough medicine containing dextromethorphan, nothing at all or a dose of honey. The parents were asked to record their children's sleep and cough symptoms, once before the bedtime treatment and once after. They were given a scale of 1 to 7 to rate symptoms.
In the end all of the children got better with time but the honey dosed kids tolerated the coughing better.
Score one for Doctor Grandma, she knew that without doing a study on it.
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