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Sasquatch Is Not Alone

By Angelique van Engelen     Dec 3, 2007 in World
Hopes might have dashed for Sasquatch, but guess what; he’s not the only one around with big feet. Another important sighting of a monstrous being was publicized last weekend by a US film crew that went looking on Mount Everest.
Los Angeles TV host Josh Gates and a crew found three footprints of what might be Yeti who’s nicknamed the abominable snowman in the Himalayas.
Gates and consorts searched in an area some 125 miles east of Kathmandu. They packed one of the castings and sent it off to the US for analysis.
The Yeti is a semi-mythical being around whom ancient stories have circulated for millennia. The people in the know on the subject are the Sherpas, Tibetans living in the foothills of Mount Everest, as well as shepherds. Their folklore is drenched with old stories of a giant ape-like creature roaming mountains.
The tv crew spent about a week in the mountains, investigating the claims, attempting to verify the story. Then they and dropped lucky November 28. On their return home last Sunday, Gates was interviewed by AP television and said that the first footprint was spotted by a Nepalese crew member, named Tul, who spotted a right foot print that was clearly visible. The next two prints they found were only partial prints; a left foot’s heel print and the third footprint belonging to a right foot. The foot was printed in soft sand and was smudged. The team took a casting of the first footprint only.
Gates told AP television that it wasn’t sure whether the footsteps they found were really those of a Yeti. He remarked that they certainly didn't look like the prints of a known animal, like a bear.
"It looks very unique, it looks very anthropomorphic, like a human foot but larger. It is about 13 inches long," Gates said.
Gates said more conclusive statements would be possible after the print would have been analyzed.
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